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surprised and a lil disappointed by the sheer lack of captain america/doctor who crossovers considering bucky barnes literally took a companion on a date in the fuckin 1940s

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you’re telling me sharknado didn’t even win one emmy ??????? such bullshit



sometimes i think about the fact that draco malfoy was the master of the elder wand but he didn’t even know like ??? did he get anything out of it later ??? could he put it on his resume ??? did he make a t shirt that said ‘i was once the master of the most powerful wand in existence and all i got was this lousy t shirt’ and on the back it said ‘fuck you harry potter’ ??? maybe he starred in the wizarding world’s equivalent of a reality tv show revolving around the fact that he just bitches all day about the fact that he was wielder of this magnificently powerful wand AND IT WOULD BE NICE IF SOMEONE TOLD ME SCORPIUS GET FATHER ANOTHER FIREWHISKEY and aside from that it’s basically keeping up with the kardashians with magic ??? these are very important questions


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My girlfriend left notes in her copy of TFIOS for me

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all i can see is steve rogers defending new york against a sharknado with the avengers as well as the general population, armed with his shield in one hand and a chainsaw in the other




if anyone ever tells you that hawkeye is not important tell them that he is the only character who is a member of both the avengers and the justice league and walk away

but justice league is DC…?

did i fucking stutter

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Anonymous said:
Good job using a gif from a series that trivializes and mis-labels mental illness to be a whiny baby about mental illness. Fucking moron

i have literally no idea what you’re talking about i haven’t used any gifs in quite a while??? i mean i would apologize if i had even an inkling as to what the hell you’re talking about but





  • every time someone mentions that tony stark is loaded
  • two sips if that person is tony stark
  • every time the black widow acts mysterious
  • two sips if she acts like a dork instead
  • every time someone appears “incognito”
  • two sips if this person is only wearing a hat and glasses
  • every time someone tiptoes around bruce banner
  • every time hawkeye is in a high place
  • every time someone mentions steve rogers is old
  • every time steve rogers says the word ‘freedom’
  • every time the word ‘science’ is said or someone is in a lab
  • every time thor mentions loki is his brother
  • every time thor mentions that midgard is much less advanced than asgard
  • every time steve rogers breaks a rule
  • every time someone’s dark past is mentioned
  • every time someone doesn’t understand a reference to something
  • two sips if it is understood by either steve rogers or thor
  • every time someone says something sassy

finish your drink

  • every time someone you love dies
  • every time someone you love comes back from the dead
  • every time someone you love comes back from the dead meaner than they were before

Addendums for a super hardcore addition:


  • every time tony stark is an ass
  • every time you are attracted to someone onscreen

super duper hardcore addition:

  • do this while reading a fic instead of watching one of the films
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RELEASE THE FALCON - A 100% serious fanmix for Sam Wilson.


(image courtesy of espartza)

+ listen

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