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harrison’s bloodline is WEAK he did not last the winter and his grandson did not last two terms

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Oh no my ex-fiancé died looks like I'll never GO NEAR ANOTHER WOMAN AGAIN WHAT A TRAGEDY - James Buchanan probably

"A source of this interest has been Buchanan’s close and intimate relationship with William Rufus King (who became Vice President under Franklin Pierce). The two men lived together in a Washington boardinghouse for 10 years from 1834 until King’s departure for France in 1844, after which point they never again shared a residence. King referred to the relationship as a “communion”,[71] and the two attended social functions together. Contemporaries also noted the closeness. Andrew Jackson called them “Miss Nancy” and “Aunt Fancy” (the former being a 19th-century euphemism for an effeminate man[73]), while Aaron V. Brown referred to King as Buchanan’s “better half”.[74] James W. Loewen described Buchanan and King as “siamese twins.” In later years Kat Thompson, the wife of a cabinet member, expressed her anxiety that “there was something unhealthy in the president’s attitude”.[71]" - the Wikipedia page of James Buchanan

I wanted to paraphrase but i really wanted to just have all of this and wikipedia just sums it up so nicely in a single paragraph

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the south will rise again

er never said anything against the south but i’d like to state right here right now that that’s really kind of unlikely at this point

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Hello I am here to add to your post about James Buchanan. In addition to being America's #1 worst president of all time, he was also gay. Like super gay. Hella gay. Source: History and US Politics double major (and homosexual).

yeah probably i mean why else would his niece burn all of his correspondence with someone that is believed to be his partner amiright

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What's wrong with the name James Buchanan? Not trying to be offensive, just feel like I'm missing something haha

no prob anon. :) James Buchanan was the name of a US president (I don’t know if you’re from the US or not, but for this I’m just assuming you’re not) and well, a really, really horrible one. Like, I’m into presidents. Learning about them is sort of a bit of a hobby for me. James Buchanan was an awful, awful president. He was directly before Lincoln, and to summarize, when the Civil War came along and started to warn of its possible arrival, Buchanan basically stuck his fingers in his ears and went ‘LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU’ and pretended nothing was going down. Then literally right after he left office the South seceded because they didn’t like Lincoln. But Buchanan sort of had at least a bit of power to do something about it and just. Didn’t. And he’s sort of regarded as, if not a bad president, then certainly a useless one, by most historians. 

And that is why you should feel bad for a kid who’s name is James Buchanan Barnes and why you should understand why he instead uses the kind of embarrassing nickname Bucky, of all things.


okay but seriously who names their child james buchanan

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who the frick frack knick knack snip snap crick crack paddywhack is bucky
the winter soldier (via buckkybbarnes)
Marvel: this character is dead
Marvel: totally dead
Marvel: definitely
Marvel: how dare you suggest otherwise
Marvel: jk


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