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Hey guys, I decided I wanted a fresh start and have moved my blog over here. This blog will now only be kept up for archiving purposes. Please take this opportunity to follow my new blog and unfollow this one. (Or unfollow me completely. Whatever floats your boat)

(Also if I was following you before and am not currently following you, give me a bit as I am working my way through my followed blogs to follow most, if not all, of my current mutual follows.)

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Marvel: this character is dead
Marvel: totally dead
Marvel: definitely
Marvel: how dare you suggest otherwise
Marvel: jk


hello okay i feel like some people don’t know the greatness that is yourworldoftext

it is a fab website that allows you to anonymously write on people’s walls that you create all on your own. also it’s completely free and you don’t have to create an account, all you do is add some words onto the domain name and presto! a place to chat with your friends or followers or whoever you want.

AND YOU CAN HAVE AS MANY AS YOU WANT! like say i made this and it filled up so i can’t see any new comments. all i have to do is create a new domain of my own and completely new slate.

so make one and leave it for people to give you compliments or have a conversation with you or type out the entirety of the script to high school musical or whatever strikes your fancy!


"but what would have happened if gatsby and daisy stayed together?"


Anonymous said:
Can you please tag your Winter Soldier posts/spoilers?

Oop, sorry! I’ll go that right now (tbh I’m not a huge marvel fan so I didn’t even know that was what it was from. Won’t make the same mistake again!)

We gave him a purpose and we made him loyal to no one but us. 

Hopes are high that he will be successful operative. I believe that because he walks and talks just like them, because he exudes “America” with his every breath, the enemy will never see him coming.


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i came up with a hannibal hogwarts au and i’m sorry i am proud of it someone should write it

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